National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency plotting new course

The increased awareness and escalating demand for geospatial content management solutions are making for some exciting possibilities at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. But as the doors to new opportunities are opened, officials know they must be smart in blazing the trail ahead.

In a recent interview with the Signal – the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association's in-house news outlet – NGA director Letitia Long suggested that a number of changes are afoot.

"We're moving from a product-oriented agency to a service-oriented, information, knowledge-based agency," Long told reporters. "I see us operating in that total online digital environment where it is easy to access our information."

While the goal is singular, many paths will have to converge before it is ultimately reached. According to the Signal, mobile devices, open source IT architecture and data analytics will be primary areas in which the NGA allocates its resources and builds competencies.

Although the classified nature of the agency's workload will pose some unique challenges, Long is intent to explore the flexibility and interoperability offered by open-source geospatial content management tools. These models are already drawing early interest from the private sector as well.

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