Digital archiving helps commemorate 150th anniversary of Civil War

With America now several generations removed from its Civil War, historians are hoping to preserve primary sources related to the conflict before time takes it toll and those accounts are lost forever. To help streamline this culturally significant process, curators are responding to the functionality of digital archiving.

According to local news outlet, local officials in Danville, Virginia, are calling on their neighbors to come forward with any old family photos or documents from the Civil War era. In a public event to be held later in the month, Library of Virginia curators will collect the artifacts and complete a digital content conversion process that will store the collection sustainably for generations to come.

"The idea is for the Library of Virginia to acquire primary documents that have never been seen before and to be part of the record of the Civil War in Virginia and to make it available for researchers and the public," project coordinator Sarah Latham told the news source.

Virginia historians may have been inspired by their neighbors to the west after a similar initiative was announced earlier in the year in Tennessee. According to, local curators turned to digitization as a means of crowdsourcing materials and preserving the record of the War of 1812 on its 200th anniversary.


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