National Archives releases new declassification rule for comment

The National Archives and Records Administration has released a new rule for declassification processing for public comment.

Under the proposed rule, declassification processing procedures for historical documents containing information pertaining to national security would be updated, according to a recent Secrecy News report. The news provider stated that it closely resembles President Barack Obama's executive order 13526 from December 2009.

The news provider also said the proposed NARA rule "highlights some of the limitations of [President Obama's executive] order, especially with respect to the practice of 'automatic declassification.'"

According to Secrecy News, non-exempt historical records may remain classified for as long as 35 years if they are not contained in an "integral file block" with records that are 25-years old. Also, records older than 25 years may not be automatically declassified, the report stated.

Illinois has gained much attention lately because of proposed changes to its procedures for declassification processing. A proposed amendment would allow state agencies to delay responses to citizens who frequently submit requests. According to a report, many feel the amendment would undermine sweeping changes made two years ago to the state's Freedom of Information Act.

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