FOIA requests unravel college football scandal

Just one week ago, Bobby Petrino was at the helm of the University of Arkansas football program. But after a suspicious motorcycle accident and resultant series of Freedom of Information Act requests, Petrino has since been stripped of his title as head coach and dismissed from the school.

It was Petrino's state-issued cell phone that would ultimately lead to his downfall. Following conflicting reports of a female companion that may have been at the scene of the incident, a probe into the head coach's phone records ultimately discovered improprieties that led to his dismissal.

This is not the first time such an incident has occurred at the school, however. In 2007, an Arkansas fan filed his own set of FOIA requests to answer questions related to emails exchanged between an athletic program booster and then-quarterback Mitch Mustain. Ultimately the records told a separate story of ongoing extramarital activities that would cost head coach Houston Nutt his job.

Although Petrino initially objected to the accusations posed against him, according to the Associated Press, phone records indicate a record of more than 4,000 text messages and 300 phones calls over the past few months between the former coach and his mistress.

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